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Stage Plot 3-piece stage plot and 5-piece stage plot

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A few notable past appearances

  • Contra Carnivale (CA)
  • Dancing Fool (WA)
  • Pinewoods American Week (MA)
  • Eastbourne International Folk Festival (UK)
  • Halsway Manor Dance Week (UK)
  • Chippenham Folk Festival (UK)
  • Atlanta Dance Weekend (GA)
  • Fleur de Lis Fling (KY)
  • BACDS American Dance Week (CA)
  • Florida Snow Ball (FL)
  • Buffalo Big Dance Weekend (NY)
  • Dance in the Desert (AZ)
  • Spring Breakdown (MO)
  • Spring Dance Romance (NC)
  • Harvest Moon (CA)
  • Moondance (SC)